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Jane Austen's life

Jane Austen was one of the great english novelist. She was born in 1775 in Stevenson, a small village in southwest of england. she was sixty of seven children and she spent her life in affectionate family. Her lifelong was Cassandra, who like Jane, never merried. She was educated by her father and showed an interest in literature. She produce a large output of novels, that were originally published anonymously; her identity was revealed by her brother Harry.

The debs to the 18th century novel

Jane Austen owes much to the 18th century novelist. She learnt how to give insight into the phsycology of characters of ordinary event like balls and tea parties. Her style was also characterised by the use of verbal irony, rather then by comment on the action.

The national marriage market

Plot of her novels were based on the values of country families. those novels took place in England, in which marriages were made for money and social standing, but that not happens in Austen's novels. The marriage market took places in London and Bath, where we can find gossip, seduction and adulteries.

Austen's treatment of love

Austen was concentrated about the analysis of character and conduct, in fact we no found the great passions in her novels. For Austen, love and sexual attraction should be regulated and brought order by private reflection. in all her novels there's an happy ending: with the marriage of hero and heroine.

the story: Pride and Prejudice

The plot of Pride and Prejudice is that of a romantic commedy. It is set in Longbourn where Mr and Mrs Bennet live with their 5 daughters: Lydia, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Catherine. A rich bacherol, Charles Bingley, arrive to rend a large estate in Netherfield Park with his best friend, Fitzwilliam Darcy. After a series of balls, Mr Bingley fall in love with Jane and Darcy fall in love with ELizabeth, thath cultivated a dislike for him. When Mr Darcy declares his love, Elizabeth rejects him, accuses him of separating her sister and mr Bingley. Meanwhile, Winkham elopes with Lydia. Darcy traces them and organized their marriage thus showing Elizabeth her prejudice was unjustfied. She acceps Darcy's renewed proposal. Bingley returns and becomes engaged to Jane. So the novel ends with the happy marriages of the two couples.

Not simply a love story

The novel is not simply a love story beacuse through Austen's irony it developes economic, sociological and phylosophical themes. The marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth reveals the characteristics that make a marriage successfull. Feeling cannot be brought on by apparences and must gradually develop between the two people as they get to know each other.
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