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The concept of beauty by Keats

The beauty is the thing that mostly strikes the imagination of Keats.
What differentiates him from the other Romantic poets it's his disinterested love for it, instead of the other poets which saw in his cult of beauty the expression of the "Arts for Art's sake".
The contemplation of beauty is the central theme of Keats poetry and it is mainly the Classical Greek world that inspire him.
The greek world lives again in his verses; it is recreated and interpreted with the eyes of a Romantic poet.
His first apprehension of beauty proceeds from the sense, from concrete physical sensations and all the senses are involved in this process.
The physical beauty is caught in all the forms nature acquires.
It displays in the curves of a flower, in the curves a woman, in the shapes of hills.
But beauty can also produce a much deeper experience of joy and in this sense it can introduces a sort of spiritual beauty, that is only of love, friendship and poetry.
This physical beauty is mutable and is linked to life, enjoyment and death, the spiritual beauty, instead of the physical's one, is immortal.
So through his poetries Keats is able to reach something that he believes to be permanent and unchanging in a world characterized by mortality and sorrow.
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