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He had a very short life so he left us something very relevant: his shorter compositions are the most relevant ones of Keats’ work.

essential themes of Keats
-the most important thing is that he has nothing to share with Byron and Shelley because he is not politically involved.
-Keats analyzes existential subjects and existencial themes.
-In his works we can see that he loves beauty as a particular form of art. “truth is beauty and beauty is truth”. And art is interpreted as the only valid way to contrast the gravity of human life and as an immortal and infinite thing.

Se l’uomo diventa in grado di azzerare e annullare il proprio io per rendersi universale, può diventare ricettivo universalmente. It is a positive element since it permits the author to be impersonal and consequently universal.

Keats is still considered the father of aestheticism (someone who bases his life on beauty of arts). He strongly believed that life is only short, human passions are also short but the only way to reach immortality and infinity is representing passions in art: those are the only passions that can last forever.

ode on a grecian urn:
The basic theme is obviously the immortality of the subjects represented in art. He writes about a scene of a greek marriage painted on a grecian urn.
With this writing he declares publicly his atheism, because he says that is art giving immortality to the marriage.

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