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Ulysses is an important work for Joyce: in fact he was considered one of the most original and innovative writers of the 20th century with this work, that is a milestone of the modern literature. All the story takes place in Dublin, like his first book Dubliners, in a single day, June 16 1904, in the life of three characters: Stephen, Molly and Leopold.
The title refers to Homer's Odyssey: in fact there are many parallels between the two works; for example Stepen is like Telemachus, Molly is Penelope and, finally, Leopold is Ulysses.
In this novel the author used the stream of consciousness and the interior monologue technique: the reader can understand every single feeling or thought of the characters.
It is a prose style with an absence of any conventional use of dialogue and description and the complete absence of punctuation.
The novel as no real plot. The reader follows the characters during their day and every action becomes relevant and important.

The novel was published first in New York in 1918, then in Paris in 1922 but was censored for obscenity in America and England.

One of the most important part of the novel is Molly's soliloquy in the final part of the book: the reader can follow the stream of consciousness of the character.

This was an important tale not only for the Joyce's record but also for Irish.
There is a relationship between this story ad Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf.

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