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In 1932 he published "Death in the Afternoon", a large volume of essay and novel dedicated to the world of bullfighting. A year later it was the turn of the stories gathered under the title "Who wins does not take anything" .Partecipa his first safari in Africa, another ground to test their strength and their courage. On the return trip knows about Marlene Dietrich ship, called "the Kraut" but they become friends and remain so throughout the vita.Nel 1935 released "Green Hills of Africa", the novel without weft, with real characters and the main character writer. Buy a boat diesel twelve meters and baptizes "Pilar", the name of the Spanish sanctuary but also in the name of public Pauline.Nel 1937 "code Have and Have Not", its unique ambience American novel, which tells the story a lonely man without scruples who was the victim of a corrupt society and dominated by denaro.Si travels to Spain, from where it sends a report on the civil War. His hostility to Franco and his adherence to the Popular Front are evident in helping in the film adaptation of "The land of Spain" with John Dos Passos, Lillian Hellman and Archibald MacLeish.L'anno later publishes a book that opens with " the fifth column ", a comedy in favor of the Spanish Republicans, and contains various stories including" the Short happy life of Francis Macomber "and" the snows of Chilimangiaro ", inspired by African safari. These two texts become part of the collection "The forty-nine stories", published in 1938, it remains one of the most extraordinary works of the writer. In Madrid he meets the journalist and writer Martha Gellhorn, whom he had known in his homeland, and shares with her the difficulties of the work of the corresponding guerra.E '1940 when divorced Pauline and married Martha. The Key West house remains to Pauline and they settled in Finca Vigía (farm of the Guard), Cuba. At the end of the year released "For Whom the Bell Tolls" about the Spanish Civil War and is an overwhelming success.

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