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In 1923 it was born the first son, John Hadley Nicanor Hemingway, said Bumby and publisher McAlmon publishes his first book, "Three stories and ten poems", followed a year later by "In our time," praised by the critic Edmund Wilson, and as a key poet Ezra Pound. In 1926 out important books like "Torrents of Spring" and "Fiesta", all great successes of audiences and critics, while the year after leaving, not without first having divorced, the volume of short stories, "Men Without Women" .The good successful they face it galvanizes his books and in 1928 he was again at the foot of marrying the lovely Pauline Pfeiffer, a former fashion editor of "Vogue". The two then returning to America, bring it on home to Key West, Florida and Patrick damage to light, the second son of Ernest. In the same period the turbulent completes writer drafting the now legendary "A Farewell to Arms." Unfortunately, a truly tragic event comes to upset the quiet home trend Hemingway: his father, weakened by an incurable disease, kills himself by shooting himself in the testa.Fortunatamente, "A Farewell to Arms," ​​he is greeted with enthusiasm by critics and gratified by a considerable commercial success. Meanwhile, his passion for deep sea fishing in the Golfo.Nel 1930 Current has a car accident and fractured his right arm in several places. And 'one of the many incidents in which stumbles in this period of travel and adventure: sore kidneys caused by fishing in the icy Spanish waters, a groin tear procuratosi while visiting Palencia, infection with anthrax, a torn finger to the bone in an accident with a punching bag, a wound to the eyeball, deep scratches on his arms, legs and face products by thorns and branches as it passes through a forest in Wyoming horseback imbizzarrito.Queste vitalistic performances, muscular physique, the character brawler, the predilection for large eat and the formidable drinking make it a unique character of international high society. And 'beautiful, hard, sullen and, despite being in his early thirties, it is considered a patriarch of literature, so much so that they begin to call him "Papa."

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