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Ernest Hemingway – Life and major works

Ernest Hemingway was born in Illinois in 1899.
In 1917 he enrolled volunteer in the Red Cross and was sent to Italy during the first World War.
During a bombing he was injured in a leg and was hospitalized in a hospital where he met his future wife.
These events inspired his first novel, “A Farewell to Arms”, written in 1929.
Then, Ernest Hemingway decided to leave as a war messenger for Spain in 1936 because of his passionate spirit and democratic convictions.
At the outbreak of the second World War he left again for the front as the correspondent of the first line.
His journalistic activity and literary production gained official awards with the Pulitzer Prize and the following year with the Nobel Prize for Literature.
Even though Ernest Hemingway had achieved the world's highest honors, the last years of his life were tormented, standing, painful: in fact, he felt fatigued, lonely and depressed. So, in 1961, Ernest Hemingway decided to put an end to his days killing himself with a shotgun.
Hemingway wrote many other novels, that are considered classic books of English literature: “Fiesta”, “green hills of Africa”, ”the old man and the sea” (which expresses the loliness and the solitude that characterized the last period of writer’s life) .
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