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The ruined Maid: It is a dialogue between a prostitute and a country girl.
The Way of speaking of country girls is different: The country girl notices that Melia’s appearance has changed dramatically since she has last seen her.
She thinks that Melia has improved in all; she looks better, she speaks better. She seems excited by the transformed Melia and she makes her a lot of compliments. The country girl represents the ignorance to be ruined isn’t a good thing, it isn’t a good expectation. Ruined = Prostitute (word never mentioned in the text)

• She was poor but she was onest: Ballad Structure: there is a chrorus
Fallen women: seduced and abandoned by a corrupted society. She was deceived. The riches and the strong people win always. She wanted to change life and forget everything. The autor uses a very srtong language. Now she has no way out.

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