Thomas Stearns Eliot

Thomas Stearns Eliot was the greatest British-American poet. His family originally came from Britain but he was born in Missouri. He studied at Harvard University and after his degree went to Paris where, at the Sorbonne, he attended the lectures of Henry Bergson and was also influenced by the works of French Symbolists.
Then he went to Germany and England where he met Ezra Pound the poet who helped him to revise “The waste land” and was called “Il miglior fabbro” following the definition used by Dante in his Purgatory.
In 1915 he married a British ballet dancer who suffered from a mental illness so, to increase his income, he started teaching and then he went to work in Lloyds Bank in London.
In 1921, to recover from a nervous breakdown, he went to Southern England ( Margate) and then to Switzerland where he wrote “The waste land” published in 1922. In 1927 he converted to the Church of England and took British Citizenship, then he returned to America where he was appointed professor of poetry at Harvard University, but soon he went back to England and settled in London.

In 1937 he married his secretary 30 years younger than him; in 1947 his former wife died. The following year in 1948 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature and he died in London in 1965.

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