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George Orwell

George Orwell was born Eric Blair in India, and as a young adult he soon developed an independent personality underlined by his indifference to accept values and by his profession of atheism and socialism. Back in London he spent a period living in poverty to directly experience it. In the thirties he decided to start publishing with the pseudonym of George Orwell, he wrote a lot of reports, essays, reviews, but his most important and known works are Animal Farm and 1984 which soon became a best-seller.
Orwell’s various experiences abroad, helped him to achieve an unusual ability to see his country from the outside, and to judge its strengths and weaknesses.
In one of his essays he tried to define the role of the writer, and he said that the writer had to inform, and reveal facts in order to draw conclusions from them. That’s why writing has a social function.
Through political themes he presented a critique of totalitarianism and insisted on justice and tolerance.

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