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Victor Frankenstein is a guy who has always lived in comfort and love of his family.
He has two brothers and a sister-adoptive cousin, Elizabeth, whose falls in love from a young age. He enrolled at the University of Ingolstad, where he attended courses in sciences, chemistry and biology. He leads numerous experiments, including the creation of life. So Victor, after sleepless nights, continued research in ossuaries and creates a being.
As soon as the monster comes to life, Victor is frightened by his own creation, and he flees. After some time, Victor learns about the death of his little brother, and returned to Geneva, where he sees the monster in the park. He understands that the murder is the demon that he himself created, but can not tell anyone. Victor begins a life tormented by remorse, despair and madness. The monster then, the beast with feelings, aims to create a female being equal, so that he had a companion with whom to stay, not to live in eternal solitude. At first Victor approve, but then, overcome by the thought that would be born a progeny of monsters, destroy what has been done. The demon then threats eternal hatred and vengeance and slowly Victor remains alone on earth, losing all his dear. So he decides to hunt the demon to revenge all the innocent dead, but after extensive research he dies.

At this point, the monster understands that his life has no meaning without its creator and decides to jump into the sea.
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