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Frankenstein’s novel, by Mary Shelley, begins with the letters of Captain Robert Walton to his sister.
The novel opens with Captain Robert Walton on a ship sailing north of the Arctic Circle. Walton's ship becomes ice-bound, and as he contemplates his isolation and paralysis, he spots a figure travelling across the ice on a dog sled.
This is Victor Frankenstein's creature. Soon after he sees the ill Victor Frankenstein himself, and invites him onto his boat. As he recovered, Frankenstein told Walton his story so that Walton would learn the price of pursuing glory at any cost.
Frankenstein grew up in a perfectly loving and gentle Swiss family with his mother, his father, his young brother William, his adopted cousin, Elizabeth, and his dear friend Henry Clerval.
As a young boy, Frankenstein became obsessed from the study of life. In college at Ingolstadt, he began to create a perfect human with various body parts of dead.
He intends the creature to be beautiful, but when it awakens he is disgusted, so he ran away from it. But the shock make Victor ill and so, for several months, he was nursed from his friend Henry Clerval
After recovering, he receives a letter from home informing him of the murder of his youngest brother William. He went to Switzerland, where he understood that his brother was killed from the monster created from and so he was guilty. But Justine, the family's beloved maid, was unjustly blamed of the death and she was executed. One day, he encountered his creature on the mountains, that told him his story.
He described his feelings first of confusion, then rejection and hate. He explained how he learned to talk by studying a poor peasant family through a chink in the wall. He performed in secret many kind deeds for this family, but in the end, they drove him away when they see his appearance.
He got the same response from any human who sees him. For this, when he knew who was William, he killed him for revenge and framed Justine.
But now, the creature only wanted companionship. He asked Victor to create a female monster to be the monster's companion. At first, Victor agreed, but later, he tore up the half-made companion in disgust and madness. In retribution, the creature killed Clerval, and later, on Victor's wedding night, his wife Elizabeth.
After that, Frankenstein promised to pursue the monster and destroy him. That's how Frankenstein ended up near the North Pole where Walton's ship was trapped.
A few days after Frankenstein finished his story, Walton and his crew decided to turn back and go home. Before they left, Frankenstein died and the monster appeared in his room. Walton heard the monster's explanation for his vengeance as well as his remorse before he left the ship and travelled toward the Pole to destroy himself so that none would ever know of his existence.
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