Video appunto: Francis Scott Fitzgerald and The great Gatsby
Francis Scott Fitzgerald

FS Fitzgerald was born in Minnesota, USA, and studied at Princeton. When the USA entered the First World War he joined army and started writing his first novel which soon became a success and brought him money and popularity. So he led, with his wife, a glamorous life and moved to France where he published The Great Gatsby, his finest work, which didn’t have the expected success.
He died in 1940 in the USA.

The Great Gatsby
The novel is about James Gatz, who falls in love with a woman, Daisy, while he was in the army. To conquer her heart, he rents a house next to hers and started having parties hoping that she will notice him. One day, Daisy and her husband have an argument, and Daisy, with Jay’s car, kills her husband’s mistress. Jay, defending Daisy, lets the woman’s husband kill him but nobody, except Nick, cares.
Jay Gatsby is presented as a mysterious character, with an hidden past. He embodies the romantic hero and the self-made man. Through Gatsby, Fitzgerald underlined the idea that the American Dream was corrupted by materialism. Nick is the only character who shows in the novel a moral sense and decency and embodies the opposition between East and West.
Nick is the narrator of the novel, who looks back at an experience to better understand it. Fitzgerald uses lots of flashbacks and he does not follow a chronological order in his narration. The style is characterized by the frequent use of senses and details that helped him describe society and men.