The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The protagonist of this novel is James Gatz, a man who m changes his name into Jay Gatsby.
In the army, he falls in love with Daisy, a beautiful but superficial woman who loves money. In fact, stimulated by her materialism, she marries Tom Buchanan, a rich man
Later Gatsby makes a fortune as a bootlegger and through other illegal activities.
He buys a mansion in Long Island, on the opposite side of the bay to Daisy’s house, in hope he will see Daisy one day.
Nick Carraway is Gatsby’s neighbor and Daisy’s cousin. Thanks to him the two meet again and have an affair.
After a short period of time , Tom becomes more suspicious of his wife's relationship with Gatsby and he has a fight with Daisy.
Daisy hide over Tom’s mistress car with Gatsby’s car; Myrtle died and Gatsby is accused: he doesn’t protest innocence to defend Daisy, but she deserts him and reconciles with Tom.

Gatsby is killed in his garden by Myrtle’s husband and nobody comes to his funeral except Nick.

The Great Gatsby shows a main theme , the disintegration of American dream in an era of prosperity and unprecedented excesses .
The American dream had been corrupted by the desire for materialism. Gatsby had a pure dream, but became corrupt in his quest toward that dream.

Great Gatsby:
- Romantic hero who died for his dream
- Self-made man who tried to improve his condition

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