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The Greith Gatsby

Fantastic, unique and scheming, this book tells of the life of James Gatz, nicknamed Jay Gatsby, and the great influence that has love in his life.
This story has as narrator Nick Carraway, a cousin of Daisy Fay, the great love of Jay, who is now married to Tom Buchanan and live in a house, not coincidentally, close to that of Gatsby, he has, in fact, built his huge villa just to regain Daisy and get noticed again.
With the help of Nick, Jay will be able to meet again with Daisy and Tom will talk of their undying love.
However, it will cause an accident, then, the killing of the protagonist.
Rich of detailed descriptions of scenes, accompanied by a delicate flowing language, and a great atmosphere.
A beautiful story, very realistic, different from the classic love stories, encloses homesickness and solitude behind parties and luxuries.
Interesting in the story is the protagonist Gatsby.

Who is the Great Gatsby?

Jay is a mysterious character, of which there are many stories, but what is the real one? Each of his friends have a different opinion of him.
The opinion of Nick of his neighbor of house often changes , who was initially considered a person "who has something to say", "who has something significant but imprecise", then simply a rich man who shows his goods, and finally a person to be respected, to help, to try to understand, to the end. The confidence that Nick puts into his neighbor of house, depends on the moment and the situation.
The beauty that remains clear in this character is his inability to give up hope.

The character of Gatsby lives for his past, and for the hope of being able to carry it in the present and the future, hope, however, for he will have a tragic conclusion.
As the hero is mysterious, so is also the story that ends with a turn of events!
This part is for me the best and the most interesting for the beautiful description, because unexpected and to underline the message of the book, emphasizing it with the language, the protagonist dies after being chased all his life in the hope of getting back with his great love, waiting until the last.
The book ends with the funeral of Gatsby who does not participate anyone, because in the end the money and everything he had done for regain the people was not guaranteed to have them back.
Another scene described very well is that of the party at the home of Jay who invited for the first time Nick makes very good idea of a great party gorgeous.
This book falls in an atmosphere of luxury and mystery, arousing different emotions from scene to scene.

I can say that this book has affected me a lot about different aspects and made me think.
In addition to the protagonist Gatsby, other characters are mysterious and complex to understand and interpret, as Daisy, a split personality. The character of Daisy is uncertain and frightened by everything that happens and the spilling of its past in its different present.

The woman isn't unable to make a decision for the future: to relive the past or continue his relationship with Buchanan; remains uncertain until the last, was fought between the old and the more recent memories, but eventually take its decision.

"The Great Gatsby" gives food for thought: It's better to leave the memories, let them live in the past, or let them get in the way and they may live in the future?
I think this book makes you think a lot and it is also very modern although set in the 20s.
It is suitable for any age and for his great mystery may or may not like the readers, I liked it a lot because I got carried away with him into another world.

On a scale of one to ten I would give it nine.

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