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The great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was written in 1925 by Francis Fitzgerald.


It is divided in nine chapters.


Time setting: The Roaring Twenties
Place setting:
- Manhattan: (east part, where lived rich people who have inherited their money);
- Long Island (west part, where new rich lived: people who has earned their money.
To arrive to the other part they had to cross the vale of ashes, a waste, desolate land.


- Nick: he lives near Gatsby.
- Jordan: dishonest and careless.
- Daisy: beautiful but empty.
- Tom: aggressive and full of prejudices.

The hero

Gatsby is a sort of Byronic hero: he has mysterious origin, is a lonely person, he’s very attractive, he seems hard but tender inside.He’s presented bit by bit: by parties’ gossips. He is introduced only in the third chapter: he is youth and good-looking. Gatsby’s dream is to delete the past and have Daisy back.
He’s a tragic hero: he has a flow, Daisy.
He is a romantic hero: he sacrifices himself for an ideal.
He is ‘great’ because he is the only one who lives for something, the others are aimless, drifters and restless.


The story is retrospective: Nick writes it when he is came back from the Middenwest.
There is the first person narrator as an observer.


The language is poetic, full of repetitions and anaphors and oxymoron.
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