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The Great Gatsby - Chapter I

Nick Carraway's arrival to New York was in the summer of 1922. We have a self-made presentation of the I - narrator who says he is highly moral, tolerant and not judgmental about other people which he learnt from his father). He follows his father's advice.

- His apartment was situated on a corner of along Island called West Egg (though he has a cousin, Daisy, living with her husband Tom Buchanan on the East Egg).
It was opposite Gatsby's mansion.

- Differentiation between West and East Egg --> The West is the land of the newly rich people who lavish wealth with a high interest in gothic architectures but they lack social connections; The East is characterised by the people with social connections and aristocratic leaders. Both seem to be in competition.
- Tom was an ex member of Nick's social club in the university he graduated from: Yale.

- Nick's invitation to a dinner at East Egg in Daisy and Tom's house in the presence of Jordan Baker, a golfer that participates in various competitions.
- Nick's discovery through Baker of Tom's infidelity to his wife Daisy after the interruption by a phone call while they were discussing on "The Rise of the Colored Empires".

Moreover in the first Chapter the reader don't get to understand who "The Great Gatsby" was and how he made his money and weather.
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