F.S.Fitzgerald and the failure of the American dream

The American writer F.s.Fitzgerald deals with the negative aspects of the American richness based on the cult of money in the period of “roaring Twenties”. People are only interested in a materialistic life made of and don’t see the real danger, neither the very important moral values: they are totally blind. In the novel” the great Gatsby”, Fitzgerald presents the protagonist, Jay Gatsby as a victim of the society corrupted by economic affairs. he falls in love with a superficial woman, Daisy and wants to become rich only to catch her attention, so, thanks to illegal activities, makes a great fortune and manages to have a love affair with her. But daisy is already engaged with another man, Tom Buchanan. Unfortunately, one day she invests Tom's wife, Mirtle Wilson, with jay's car and runs away. When Tom discovers that the car belongs to Gatsby, Jay does not reveal the truth and he is murdered . The funeral is organized by his only friend, Nick Carraway who is the only character who has preserved his interior morality. He's also the alter ego of the author and represents the west, the good side of America. The story is full of symbols that refers to the destructive power of the modern society, like the car, the consumerism in contrast with the emotional and spiritual sterility, presented by the valley of ashes and the Gatsby's house too: even if it reminds his lucky and his success, in reality it is full of emptiness.
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