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Nicholas Evans: The Loop (summary)

The Loop is a book written by Nicholas Evens, also writer of the Horse Whisperer.

The story begins one summer day when, maybe attracted by the crying of a baby, a wolf arrived at a farm in the city of Hope, Montana. The wolf fought and killed the house-dog that tried to defend his territory. Unfortunately for the wolf, the baby was the grandson of one of the community’s most prominent figures, Buck Calder, and Hope was a city where the hate for wolves was more than just a feeling.
After the accident journalists and reporters, biologists and predator-control agents all are summoned to take care of the beast. The farmers and rangers, as well as the reporters, all seem to agree to the fact that wolves are a danger and they have to be put down. On the other side of the barricade, a wolf biologist under the name of Helen Ross is determined to find the wolves and collar them in order to control their position and verify if and when they are approaching the farms. Helen finds an unexpected ally in Buck Calder’s stutter son, Luke, who’s the only one who knows where the pack is and how many wolves there are.
Together they track the wolves and try to hide them from the wolf killer hired by Buck Calder and at the same time they fight the prejudices of the town people.
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