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The Tell - Tale Heart

Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Type of book: Short Story_ Fiction
Published in: 1843

Setting: indoor setting
Place: house shared by the characters
Time: 20th century
Plot: The protagonist lives with an old man, but he's obsessed by the "vulture-like" old man's Eye. For one week, every night at midnight, the man gets into the old man's room and looks at him. But one night the old man feels the presence of the man and is terrified. So the man takes his decision: he kills the old man and hides his body under the floor. Next morning policemen get into the house advised by the neighbour that heard mysterious noises. The man at the beginning is quite, but then starts to feel and hear the beat of the old man' heart, in his mind. He becomes nervous and, at the end, he confesses his crime.

The man= he's crazy and obsessed by the old man's Eye.
The old man= he's old, he's the victim, he has a pale blue Eye with a film over it.

Type of narrator: 1st person, omniscent, inside the story, goes inside man's mind

Comments on the language of the text: free indirect questions; growning atmosphere of fear, horror, terror and tension; realistic description.
Themes: Madness, Allucination, Insanity

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