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The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym - Poe

The narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Poe is the only romazo and was published in 1837.
The novel is relentless, engaging, constantly enveloped in an aura of mystery and tension.
the novel is the story of a boy in search of adventure, and that makes a journey. the journey begins on the game but soon turns inexorably into tragedy.
The protagonist embarks, ends up shipwrecked on a boat in the ocean, but manages to escape.
Following embarks again as a stowaway on a whaling ship, hungry for adventure. Gordon Pym is established in the hold with a reserve of food and books. However, a mutiny on the ship, changed his plans. Among the few survivors Gordon will be picked up by another ship shall know of mysterious islands and unknown peoples seemingly harmless, but really bloody. See animals, will suffer the sufferings of every kind, experience, hunger, thirst and cannibalism.
This book is told in the form of a diary, but the last part was lost.
In fact, the story ends abruptly with the appearance of a mysterious and gigantic white figure, wrapped in a shroud.
A recurring theme in the novel is the dichotomy between civilization and wilderness, between the white man and the black man civilized and savage: the theme-central civilization wilderness in the American literature of the mid '800. Arthur and Augustus are civilized, educated, come from respectable families, while the natives are superstitious and ferocious.
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