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Conrad, Joseph-An outpost of progress

"An outpost of Progress" is set in the African jungle. A Belgian company leaves two agents, Kayerts and Carlier in charge of a small trading station on the Congo river. Their job consists in trading European goods for ivory. But their African chief, Makola, is the actual chief of the trading post, as he’s the only who can speak both French and the local languages.
Kayerts and Carlier live in a large building which is made up of reeds and has a few stools, two tables and two beds as all the furniture.
The two white men meet Gobila, chief of a close village, who is friendly and kind to them; as a consequence the women of Gobila’s tribe bring there some provisions to help the survive.
When Makola decides to sell the black workers of the trading station in exchange for ivory, Kayerts and Carlier are horrified at first, but then the idea of good money makes the approve Makola’s action.
A few month later, the steamer which should take the two white men back home is late and their provisions are finishing. Kayerts and Carlier get more and more depressed and weaker and weaker until they have a violent argument for some sugar. Kayerts shoots Carlier and kills him by accident. Makola offers to bury Carlier and Kayerts decides to hang himself.