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G. Chaucer

G.Chaucer was born in London in 1343 by a family of rich wine merchant.
He belong to the middle class but he was in contat with the royal family.
Chaucer is the father of the English literature infact he is the first major secular poet.
The language that he used in his poeme became the basis of the moder english.

His works are diveded in 3 periods:

1) The French period
2) The Italian period
3) The English period

During one of his journey he comes to Italy where he could read the works of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio.
During the English period he made his most important work: The Canterbury Tales that it was ispired by Bocaccio's work, the Decamerone.

He was the first poets to be burried in what is know as poet corner in Westminster Abbey.

The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales tell the story of 30 people who meet each other in a Tabern Inn in London.
They set make a pilligrimage to Canterbury Chatedral and the shirne of Thomas Becket. In this journer evry piligrim tells 2 story every day and who tell the best story will win a free dinner.

The Canerbury Tales is a long narrative poem whit rhyming couplets and 10 syllabke lines.
The story start whit a "General Prologue" where the piligrim are introduced.
The tales are introduced by a prologue that talk about the themes of the tale and every tales are narrated by a different pligrim.

Chaucer describe a portrait of English socity, representative of the feudal, member of the clery, member of the middle class but didn't portait the aristocracy or peasants.
Chaucer used the tecnique of the individualisation; each character exsist because they have reaction. Infact this is in antithesies whit the midivel character. The description of the piligrim is vary in point of view and tone.
The name that Chaucer give to the piligrim refer to their profession.

The Priores

One of the piligrim that Chaucer describe is a nun.
This describe is divided in 3 part.
-the 1° part talk about her manner,her moderation in speech, her knoledge of French, her ability in singing, anche her behavior.
- the 2° parts talk about her affection, she took care all creatures including her dogs
- teh 3° part talk about her physical features: she has elegant nose, blu-grey eyes, small mouth and she wore a golden brooch
The Merchant

The Merchant belong to the middle class.
The Merchant is one of the charcater tha Chaucer descrbes his entire outfit in the General Prologue.
He has a forking beard and motlly dress.
He has strong self-estreem personality, he constantly soeak of his profit but although he seem rich but the Merchant has a lot of debt infct Chaucer when talk about the Merchant use irony
The Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath rappresented the medievol's women.
She has a bold face, red hue, large lips and gap- teeth.
she is confident and arrogant.
The Wife of Bath is a "busness women" infact she making cloths.
she travveled a lot: she visited Jerusale, Rome, Boulogne and Cologne.
Every Sundy she wore a scarf, red tights and soft shows but the cloths tht she wears on piligrimage are: an hat a mantel and an heels.
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