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Charles Dickens

He was born in 1812 in England. He had a bad childhood because of his father, who was imprisoned so Charles had to work in a factory when he was very young. The tough years of his childhood inspired all his novels. When he was older, he became a reporter, and then gained success with his autobiographical novels (David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Little Dorrit). His novels were symbols of exploited childhoods and of the conditions of the working class. He died in 1870.
Dickens was first of all a storyteller, and the plots of his novels are well-planned even though sometimes they seem artificial because his works were published in instalments, so it was very difficult to follow an unified plotting.
London is the set of all his novels, and through the descriptions of the city, he could show the conditions of his reality, letting people become aware of public abuses and corruption.
Dickens shifted the attention from the middle classes to the lower classes. In fact the protagonists of his works were always outcast, poor or from the working class.

The focuses of his novels are children, always opposed to bad parents. In his novels, children became teachers and grown-up people became “the taught”. Dickens wanted the reader to love his children and wanted to let them become models. His didactic aim was to create a common intelligence to alleviate sufferings.

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