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"Beneath the bonfire"

"Beneath the bonfire" is a book (a collection of short stories) written by the American author Nickolas Butler and published in 2015.
The novel is the rural America of isolated farms and remote villages far from the deafening noises of big cities. It is the America of the woods magically illuminated by the light of the bonfires and the fascinating frozen lakes, the service stations and the dusty roads where the pick-ups and the melancholy of the old country songs run wearily.
The book consists of ten stories, which exude a tormented and disillusioned humanity, often lost, sometimes angry and violent, but also eager for love or, at least, a dream or an ideal in which to believe.
From the stylistic point of view, the writing is incisive, simple, sometimes essential and rough as the stories themselves told, but no less magnetic and engaging, from the very beginning transports those who read in the life of intense and tormenting affairs that the pen of the author US manages to exhibit with a few wise brush strokes.
Among the most beautiful stories there are: "Rain water", " Beneath the bonfire ", which gave the title to the entire collection, "Sweet Oil", able, among other things, to give a dose of suspense that is not unimportant, "In the western counties" and "The people of the trains goes slowly", all from the final that remains bitterly open and with characters often plumbed in depth; the last three, in particular, for plot and narrative style, are worth at least five stars each, small masterpieces that speak of women and men in search of justice, even if summary, or simply of a road to follow.
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