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She was born in Ireland in 1818 and after her death's mother, she and her sisters Charlotte, Branwell and Anne were look after by mother's sister, an austere woman. She was sent to a cheap boarding school and in 1842 with her distet Charlotte went to Brussels to improve their French and studied to a cultured man. She spent her life in Yorkshire and found to escape from the squalud reality in a series of dream-worls and so in 1846-with her sisters Charlotte and Anne-published a volume of poems named 'Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell'.
In 1847 she published Wuthering Heights and in 1848 died after a cold during the Branwell's funeral.

Wuthering Heghts

This novel was her masterpiece and was criticated for its language full of symbolic imagines and for its absence of didactic aim. The novel is told by flashbacks and begins by the end of the story. Heathcliff means that the hero is a solitary man who falls in love with Mr Hearnshaw's daughter, Catherine. Heatchliff leaves when he hears Catherine say 'it would degrade me to marry Heatchliff'. When he returns, he animated by revenge so convinces Linton's sister to marry him. After the Catherine's death, Heatchliff will take possession of Wuthering by gambling with Hindley, Catherine's brother. Cathy (Catherine and Linton's daughter) and Hareton (Hindley's son) get married and bring peace and serenity. The novel opens as the diary of Mr Lockwood, who has rented Thrushcross Grange from Heatchliff. After his conversation with Nelly Dean-the housekeeper at the Grange-he learns the story of the two families and reports it in his diary. In this novel so there are two narrators: the housekeeper who tells the events to Mr Lockwood and Mr Lockwood who reports in his diary what he hears from her and what he sees on his visits to Wuthering Heights.
The set of this novel is divided between two houses: Wuthering Heights is situated on the bare hills and presents the destructive energy of its occupants; Thrushcross Grange is surrounded by vegetation and stands for the calm and civilized ways of the Lintons. This novel shows love which triumph and redeems past wrongs and overcomes the forces of evil, bringing hope and joy. The love is supernatural and this fact shocked the critics.
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