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The theme of love in Wuthering Heights

One of the most important theme in Wuthering Heights is the theme of love. Love is expressed through two different but complementary ways that form a binomial unsolvable.
On the one hand, we find the rational love of Linton. This kind of love does not expect demonstrations, it is experienced with patience and tolerance of the other. It is a gentle love, manifested in a delicate, elegant way and with care, it is a deep love, but never violent, aggressive or possessive.
On the other hand, we find the love of Heathcliff, that is an aggressive love, passionate. A love that can almost be mistaken for the desire of possession, a total control of the beloved woman. His is a feeling that does not allow waste, which hates the intrusion of a third party. Heathcliff is a strong man, a brave man; the only way to break this strong armor is precisely Catherine, which is capable of inducing Heathcliff to unleash his innermost emotions, her buried feelings and fervent passions. Catherine is able to strip Heathcliff of his armor, to show it to the world in all its weakness and tie it to himself for eternity.
The character of Heathcliff is very particular: it is a rough man, cruel, avaricious, distant and hateful. And an enigmatic man, that does not transpire nothing left of themselves to anyone but Catherine, who seems to possess the right combination to open his heart. Bronte insists on this combination, this dual personality in this Heathcliff, emphasizing the cruelty of this man who lets himself be conquered by a thirst for revenge and hatred towards its enemies, reaching unimaginable and inhuman actions. On the other side, however, we find Heathcliff a loving, caring, extremely sensitive and romantic against Catherine. Wuthering Heights is, therefore, a novel whose real protagonist, in reality, it is the love, where Bronte provides us with many facets. Childhood love of Isabella, the sister of Linton, against Heathcliff is a naive love, who lets himself be conquered by the harshness of the man and is hoping for a fairytale aspect, ie in a Heathcliff able to let go and to love. The almost maternal love, mature and responsible Ellen against Cathy, the caring love, Cathy attentive and sensitive towards Hareton.
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