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I am Heathcliff

Catherine and Nelly are in the kitchen, none of them know that Heathcliff is listening to their conversation. Cathy tells Nelly about Edgar's marriage proposal and that she accepted. Then, Nelly asks her the reasons why she did it, and Cathy replies she loves him for a series of material reasons: he is rich, handsome and respectable.
Nelly disapproves the situation and Cathy admits she is doing the wrong thing. Moreover Cathy tells Nelly about a dream, even if the latter is very superstitious and doesn't want to hear it: she went to Heaven but she was sad because she missed Wuthering Heights, the angels were so angry at her that they sent her in the middle of the moore.

She compares marrying Edgar to heaven, and states that she really loves Heathcliff, but can't marry him, since he would socially degrade her. Heathcliff, who has been overhearing the conversation, goes away full of shame and humiliation, so he will never hear Cathy say she loves him more than she loves herself, he is more herself than she is. Nelly emphasises that if she marries Edgar, Heathcliff would be deserted, and Cathy replies she will use her influence to raise him up economically and in society.
As Heathcliff leaves, Nelly notices something and tells Cathy about it, but she prefers ignoring the possibility of him being there in order to cheat her uncomfortable conscience.
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