Video appunto: Hardy, Thomas - Tess's confession

Hardy, Thomas-Tess's confession

This episode is included in the Fifth Phase.
On the day of their marriage, Tess and Angel tell each other about their past experiences. Tess is sure that Angel had read her message, but he hasn’t.
An atmosphere of silence follows her confession, since Angel needs some time to realize what his wife has revealed him.

Angel is shaken/shocked and, at first, he can’t believe what he has just learnt. He questions everything he knows about his wife: he doesn’t recognize her anymore. Angel asks Tess the reason why she has waited so long to make her confession, but then he can remember preventing her from telling him about her past. Tess asks her husband to forgive her, as she has forgiven him for the same. But Angel is merciless: he says he can’t forgive her because she’s not the woman he knew. Angel’s attitude frightens Tess.
Now Tess looks as if she were sick; as a matter of fact she’s very pale. She asks Angel how he can stop loving her; Angel replies the woman he has loved is not her. This idea make Tess take pity upon herself and burst into tears. Tess’s reaction is a source of relief to Angel, who reveals his evil side.
Tess declares she’s willing to do anything Angel wants her to; by so doing she denies her identity. Angel observes that Tess’s readiness to submit everything to their love is inconsistent with her past readiness to hide the truth. However, a tear on Angel’s cheeks shows that he’s suffering, too, because he still loves Tess.
Angel realizes there’s a turning point in his life, but he doesn’t know what to do.