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Samuel Beckett

He analyzed the emptying of language, and he focused on the tragic sense of society; he wrote on the fragmentation of the self. So, because the emptiness of language, there is nothing to express, but man has the gift of language. So express is his primordial need. Beckett, in his works, tell us about this;


This is a playing the scenography is simple: a tree, the two principal character are Vladimir and Estragon. They are waiting for Godot, a character who never appears; then, the other three characters are Pozzo, and Lucky and a Boy that appears at the end of each act and says that Godot apologizes, he will come the day after.
Vladimir and Estragon represent a metaphor of the Cold war: the Western bloc is represented by Estragon (he has a Greek name). The Eastern bloc is represented by Vladimir (he has a Russian name).
Vladimir and Estragon want to change their life, but they move in a circle; the circle of their biological life. Beckett exorcises the tragedy of the society: the two character, when they are waiting of Godot, they think to hanging themselves, but the BELT is short, and so they can’t hanging themselves;
Another important scene is the entry on stage of Pozzo and Lucky: Lucky is as a slave, so, we have a contradiction in the name of this character;
The other important scene is the monologue of Lucky: Lucky’s monologue is long and incomprehensible, but it is full of meaning. The dialogues of Vladimir and Estragon are understandable, but empty of meaning; so this is a paradox: Lucky is the only one that speaks the Truth, but because the western world doesn’t know the truth, they can’t understand his monologue.
So Beckett focused on the emptying of language, and the tragic sense of society. Also, in the name of Godot we have in indication: the name could represent God, so the two characters are waiting for God. They had to find their inner spiritually to “move” vertically, so in this way, they can escape from the circle of their life.
PARADOX: is an explainable concept, but not with the normal (common) logic and language.
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