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Sanuel Beckett - Waiting for Godot

- lack of memory
- no sense of past
- a person with no memory or past is not a completely individuum
- sense of impotence
- the individuum is unable to move on with his life, to move physically and go away, unable to formulate complex thoughts.

Simplified childish language. Didi and Gogo use a simple, ripetitive language, with occasional sense of humor.

- Didi and Gogo are two tramps/clochard, but here represent the whole humanity, we find them on a country road near a crossroads, the landscape is bare and they stay there waiting something or someone able to change their life. this someone is Godot.

Theatre of absurde
Whoose main themes are:
- confinement / isolation

- loneliness,
- inability to communicate
From theese themes we can understand that the character of the play are only a few and they talk all the time without conveying any meaning or message.
Even the bad ground is bare, the condition of each man is miserable.
Why he wrote this work in French?
- It was a deliberate choice;
- writing in French means discipline;
- economy of word and expressions;
- all employed to explore the most important element, which is the human nature

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