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for Godot - Riassunto

h2]Waiting for Godot[/h2]

It’s a play written by Samuel Beckett
Even though Beckett is Irish, he wrote the play originally in French, but later translated it into English
The author is defined as dramatist of the absurd or absurdist.
His drama was new because he brought the awareness of the absurdity of human life to the theatre. It includes themes of extentialist philosophy such as man’s attempt to give meaning to his existence.

Estragon and Vladimir are two tramps who what for a certain Godot.
As they sit there, they are not sure if they are in the correct place or if it’s the wrong day.
While they spend their time on waiting and talking about nothing in particular, the landowner Pozzo and his servant Lucky pass and talk to them but then leave.
At the end of the day a little boy appears, who seems to be Godot’s messenger because he tells them that Godot can’t come tonight but will come for sure the next day

So the next day they meet again at the tree waiting for Godot.

Like in the first act Godot never appears and at the end of the play they try to commit suicide and hang themselves
The absurd: they can’t because they don’t have enough energy.
The play has no real conclusion.
It seems like the play has no plot.
Play is written in a simple language and with expressions of every-day speech.
Short sentences
More important than the plot is getting the profound message of the human dilemma.

The 2 characters seem to be trapped in the present
Find humor and comedy in this situation
Play childish games
Accept their destiny and faith
Move exaggeratedly
They are poor in the whole play there is no money
There is no need of money because they are trapped and just think for the moment

Who is Godot?

- Does never appear in the play
- But always present
- He’s in the center of everyone’s life
- He drives certain events
- His existence in the play is similar to a god as it is uncertain if he is real or not

Symbol of death

- Death being the end of all the troubles
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