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Pride and Prejudice di Jane Austen




Novel (Romantic comedy)


Mr and Mrs Bennet
Charles Bingley
Bingley’s sisters
Fitzwilliam Darcy


Netherfield park


18th century/ beginning of 19th century


Love, marriage, class, wealth, trust, prejudice, reputation


Bennet family was composed by only daughters, for this reason Mrs Bennet strongly wanted that, at least, one of her daughters found a husband.
They lived in Longbourn and one day, a man rented the manor of Netherfield Park, near Bennet’s house. That man was Charles Bingley, a young gentleman who moved there with his sisters and his best friend Darcy Fitzwilliam. Immediately Mrs Bennet that was more frivolous than his husband (a very intelligent, sarcastic man) organized a meeting between her daughters and Charles, they met at Sir Lucas’s party.
Mr Bingley then met Jane, firstborn, and he fell in love. Darcy instead fell in love with Elizabeth, but she didn’t like him back because she thought he was too much snob.
They started dating and one day during a ride with the horses, it started to rain and Jane took a temperature. For this reason she had to stay in Charles’ house for some days. As she was worried, Elizabeth reached Netherfield Park to help her sister. During those days the pairs spent some time together, but Elizabeth didn’t like Darcy.

Collins was a long cousin that wanted to marry one of Mr Bennet’s daughters to inherit the lands.
He wanted to marry Jane, but Mrs Bennet said him that Jane was already engaged to Charles. For this reason, Collins made a proposal of marriage to Elizabeth but she refused. At the end he married an old friend of Elizabeth, Charlotte.

For a period Darcy, Mr Bingley and his sisters had to go to London for some business. Bingley’s sister informed Jane with a letter and she said that her brother will meet Darcy’s sister in London. Elizabeth read this letter too and started to be suspicious, but Jane remained calm and trustful.

They came back from London and Darcy asked Elizabeth if she wanted to marry him, but she didn’t want because she didn’t trust him. Darcy wrote a letter to Elizabeth and she started to change opinion about him. After some time they met again and Darcy was a different person. Elizabeth couldn’t believe she was so nice and sociable and she also understood that Bingley still loved Jane.

At the end Bingley proposed to Jane and Darcy proposed to Elizabeth. Mr Bennet’s daughters agreed and both of them got married.


The characters are described in a vivid way and some of them have got a great personality like Mrs Bennet and Elizabeth. The narration is made of letters and self-reflection. Except for the letters, Jane Austin uses a third person narration but her point of view is close to the mind of the character, especially Elizabeth. Sometimes there are dialogues.
Jane Austin employs irony and sarcasm. The irony is used to critique the marriage market.
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