The American Civil War
When the Civil War broke out in 1861, there was a huge difference between the economy of the Northern and the Southern States. The North of the country was fairly industrialized, while the economy of the Southern States was based on agriculture. Thus, slaves forced into heavy labor on the plantations were the main source of income for their owners.
Slavery was against the fundamental principle of the Declaration of Independence of 1776, according to which”…all men are created equal”…The North of the country could no longer tolerate such a situation, which they saw as shameful. The Southern States, on the other hand, defended slavery and were against its abolition. After Abraham Lincoln in 1860 South Carolina withdrew from the Union, followed by Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. In 1861 the Southern states separated from the North and founded a new nation called the Confederated States of America (Confederacy), led by Jefferson Davis. On the other hand the Northern States (the Union) were led by General Grant. The Civil war broke out on April 12th, 1861 and lasted for four years. Even though at first the South seemed to be much stronger, after the defeat of the Confederate Army at Gettysburg, the North won the war. A peace treaty was signed in 1865.It was a bloody war with heavy losses on both sides.
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