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Aestheticism and decadence

The Aesthetic movement was born at the end of the 19th century in France with Gautier and reflects the sense of frustration and uncertain of the artists who wanted to react again the materialism of that time. The bohemiennes was the figure who represent the best the movement. They were a kind of person who searched for excess of life cultivating arte and beauty. Aesthetic considered the art the only instrument while we can stop time, averyone hae to believe in the spirit of art making their lives work of art. One of the most important Aesthetic poet is Oscar Wilde. In Italy the main artists are Gabriele D’Annunzio, Giovanni Pascoli and Guido Gozzano.

Victorian drama

During the 18th and the firt half of 19thcentury drama wasn’t still appreciated. Also actors were considered vagabonds or man of little respectability. However during victorian age, some theaters were built but they were small and less comfortable theaters. In the second half of the century various improvements make the theater compfortable. The main types of theatrical performances were pantomine, music hall, and melodrama. The main aspects were: romantic plots, heroine in danger, happy endings with the triumph of love and the punishment of the villain. One of the most importante playwriter of the age was Oscar Wilde who wrote humorous dialogues and expressed the hipocrisy of his time. Another important author was Ibsen, who instead, introduced themes of social problems, personal problems or problem of sexuality.

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