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Thomas More's life and work plus Utopia

Thomas More was born in London in 1477, he was educated in Canterbury colege.
he entered in parliament in 1504 and leter he became Lord Chancellor of England and was treated with great respect. But he was imprisoned in the tower of london because he opposed Henry VIII's decision to divorce his first wife. and was beheaded in 1535.


one of the first work of thomas more was a translation of a latin biography of pico della mirandola.
in flanders he write utopia that is the most famous work
later he write devotional and exegetical work :
''a dialogue of comfort against tribulation''
''a treatise on the passion''
''the sadness of christ''


The title came from the Greek ''ou topos'' that means ''nowhere''. it was writen in latin and transleted in english,french,italian,erman and spanish. it is a political essay about the search for the best possible form of government. it is in contrast with ''il principe'' of Niccolò Machiavelli.
it is divided into two books:
In the first book Hythlodaeus talks of his adventures and travel in England that is described like a land where poetry produces crime and instability.
in the second there is the description of Utopia:
-people works 6 hours per day
-there is freedom of thought
- every religion is tolerated
it is dominated by male.

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