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John Milton is the literary personality of the 17th century. He overshadows all by his poetic ability and his found expression is in his greatest wok, the Paradise Lost. After studying at St. Paul, Milton entered Cambridge where he first began to develop his literary talents writing poems in Italian, English and Latin. After finishing his university studies, he retired to his father’s home where he began private studies of Greek and Latin literature. For the years he travels abroad especially in Italy where he met Galileo. When he returns in England his literary ambitions were interrupted by the events of the Puritan revolution, of which he was an ardent supporter. The literary poetry that he produced during the Puritan age was most Latin and Italian pieces. After the Restoration however, his public life is finished and, following a period of imprisonment, he retired to private life where he wrote the Paradise Lost, where he talks about the fall of the Angels and of Men in 12 books and in which he wants to explain that Man has the capacity to reason and freedom to choose but pride is the cause of Man’s downfall.
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