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Riassunto di “La Tempesta” di William Shakespeare

-Act One, Scene I-

A ship is traveling at sea coming back from Tunis. His crew, formed by the captain, the boatswain and various sailors, also includes Alonso, King of Naples, his brother Sebastian, his son Ferdinand, Antonio, the usurping Duke legitimate brother of the Duke of Milan, two nobles and two other servants.
Antonio years before usurped the Duchy of Milan, governed by Prospero.
The latter was subsequently exiled on a raft with his young daughter Miranda.
During the travel the ship encountered a heavy storm, causing the wreck of the whole crew.

-Act One, Scene II-

Prospero, on the island where were shipwrecked after being abandoned on a raft, began to speak with his daughter Miranda, who told him to be sad about the fate of the victims of the recent shipwreck, but he told her not to worry because nothing would have happened to them.
Prospero also illustrated to his daughter the reason that prompted he to do this, because while she was still young, he was the Duke of Milan, but after he had granted to his brother Anthony some power of the Duchy, this one asked for help to the Duke of Naples to usurp the whole duchy of Milan and then exile Prospero on a raft.

Then Prospero summons a spirit, Ariel, who informs him about the situation of the survivors and their location on the island.
Meanwhile, another spirit arrives, Caliban, enslaved by Prospero, for not having obeyed him.
Ariel in the meantime, following the order of the magician, transformed himself into a nymph and leads Ferdinand to a place where he meets Miranda and the two fall in love at first sight.

-Act Two, Scene I-

The second act begins with Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian, Antonio and two nobles who talk to each other. During their speech comes Ariel, that following Prospero's order, make them fall asleep, except Sebastian and Antonio, who tells to the first to kill his brother Alonso, but when the two are about to kill the King of Naples, Ariel awakens Gonzalo and Alonso, in order to avoid the assassination.

-Act Two, Scene II-

The second scene of the second Act begins with Caliban Who met Stefano and Trinculo, two servants of the king of Naples.
The two are in a state of drunkenness, and also force Caliban to drink alchool, after drinking he believed that Stefano was a kind of god, and the three drunk men began to walk towards the island.

-Third Act, Scene I-

The first scene of Act III is focused on Ferdinand and Miranda, in fact, the first tells her the story of his life and also ask her to marry him.

-Third Act, Scene II-

The second scene is about the three drunkens: Stefano, Trinculo and Caliban, who tells to the two others that he was enslaved by Prospero and they think how to kill the magician, as booty to the two he promises the magician's daughter, Miranda.

-Third Act, Scene III-

Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian, Antonio and two nobles after a long walk through the island and they didn't Find any food and any person, so they are tired and hungry.
At this point, Ariel took Alonso and his fellows to a welcome party. After the spirit appears to them and tells them of being sinners, ignorant and dishonest, in response the six drew their swords, but Ariel did a spell, and all the swords dropped to the ground; Ariel also says that if they want to save themselves, they must repent of their sins.
Then Prospero, who had witnessed the scene on the sidelines, congratulated with Ariel for the excellent work.

-Fourth Act-

Prospero comes to the cave where he found Miranda and Ferdinand and wishes them much happiness and consent to their marriage, also he organizes a show for them with the spirits.
Later Prospero and Ariel organize a plan to capture the three drunks, that is to hang the clothes on a tree that will act as a decoy and wait for their arrival and then capture them.

-Fifth Act-

Ariel reminds Prospero that he promised him freedom by the end of the day, Prospero confirms what Ariel have just said, but first he needs a last favor from him: to tell him the current situation of the shipwrecked; the spirit tells him that they are under the influence of a spell imposed by himself and they are even exhausted.
Then the magician consent to their release, provided that they would have repented of what they did; Ariel with a spell brings The six survivors in front of Prospero, who makes peace and forgives them. Moreover, even Alonso sees Ferdinand and Miranda playing chess and he agrees to their marriage as Prospero did before.

Then the magician gives back the freedom to Ariel.

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