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Pamela was Samuel Richardson's first work of fiction. It is an epistolary novel, that is one written in letters.
The novel talk about Pamela Andrews, a young servantil girl. Pamela has been the servant of Lady B. for many years. When the noblewoman dies, Pamela is much grieved: she loves Lady B. because she had given her an education far biyond her means and Pamela is also worried about her future. Mr B., Lady B.'s son, offers to let her remain in the houseold. Pamela accepts with gratitude but Mr B.intends to seduce her. After Mr B. has vainly tried to seduce Pamela several time, he offers to send her home to her parents and she accepts. But the coachman, drives her instead to Mr B.'s country house, where Pamela is virtually a prisoner. The girl, however, resists all of her master's advances until Mr B., who is really in love with her, finally asks to Pamela to marry him. The second part of the book shows Pamela and Mr B's married life. Pamela is a model wife and Mr B. too is in the end converted to a sober well-regular life.

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