Title: Jiulius Caesar
Author: William Shakspeare
Date of composition: 1599
Genre: historical drama (tragedy)
Acts: 5
Scenes: I(3); II(4); III(3); IV(3); V(5).
Main characters: Brutus, Cassius, Antony, Caesar,Octavius
Secondary characters: Porzia, Calpurnia, a fortune teller,Cicerone, Catone,Titinius ,Messala, Publius,Popilius
Time: 44 a.C.
Places: Rome; Greece
Themes: conspiracy against Caesar and war
Plot: The majority of Roman senators are concerned about the strong power of Caesar, Cassius in fact organizes a conspiracy and tries to convince his friend Brutus to participate.At dawn,Brutus meets Cassio and another five conspirators,and together they decide to kill Caesar on the same day: in fact, one of conspirators will convince him to go to the Senate. Despite same bad omens he is convinced and while he is going to the Capitol, the conspirators surround him and kill him. The consul Mark Antony arrives and asks their permission to organize the funeral of Caesar and pronounces the eulogy. Brutus grants his permission, provided that he doesn't speak against the conspirators.

Brutus and Anthony speak their speeches to the citizens: Brutus explains that the killing of Caesar was only for love of freedom.Immediately after speaks Marco Antonio who with a clever and prayer with the reading of Caesar 's will instigates people against conspirators. After his arrival in Rome Gaius Octavian prepares the finale battle between Antony and Octavian and the conspirators.The ghost of Caesar appears to Brutus announcing his revenge.The battle takes place in Philippi. Antony defeats Cassius, who, seeing all was lost ,committed suicide.Soon after, Brutus kills himself to avoid falling prisoner of his enemies.The play ends with the eulogy of Antony to Brutus.
Famous sentences: When the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept; ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Yet Brutus says he was ambitious, and Brutus is an honourable man .You all have seen that on the Lupercal I offered him three times a kingly crown, which he refused three times. Was this ambition? Yet Brutus is an honourable man. I don' t speak to disprove what Brutus said, but I must say here what I know. You all loved him once, not without reason. What cause witholds you then to mourn for him?
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