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William Shakespeare - Parafrasi del testo dell'Amleto

To be or not to be- that is the question.
Which is the biggest soul between the soul that bears the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and the soul that takes arms against a sea of troubles and fight it??
To die, to sleep, no more. With the death we can ended ours hurts
To die to sleep- to sleep, maybe to dream. There is the obstacle.
In the eternal rest there isn’t dreams. This is the doubt of ours life.
Who would bear the whips and the scorns of time,
the oppressor’s wrong,
the proud man’s contumely,
the pangs of unrequited love,
the tardy justice,
the insolence of the offices
and the humiliation that unworthy takes to the patient while he can died with one thrust of a knife?
If the terror of the life after death didn’t scare the people, people would react to these hurts.
Unfortunately the conscience makes us coward
and this actions divert and don’t start because the determination of the thought deaden.
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