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Shakespeare’s sonnets

Shakespeare’s sonnets respect the Elizabethan form and most of them speak about the themes of love and time, suggesting that love outlasts time and, of course, poetry outlasts both. His154 sonnets probably wrote in the 1590s are supposedly addressed to a young man (the first 126 sonnets)and addressed to a mysterious “Dark Lady”

Sonnets to young man

Sonnets to young man, compose the larger group and is in these, that Shakespeare explore the themes of platonic love characteristics of renaissance. These range from fascination with the man’s beauty to his suffering, therefore his sadness, to the fact the young man’s beauty will fade. In Shakespeare sonnets, we find, besides, the conflicts between the beauty of what his eyes see and the truth of what his heart knows. He wishes to preserve the eternal part of the young man’s beauty against the effects of the time, not in nature but only in art, and we find, also, the poetry judged stronger than time, that has got the power to immortalize, as Spenser poems, love and time.

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