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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Life and Works
He was one of the most important english romantic poet. With Wordsworth he did the Lyrical Ballasd that is the ''Manifesto'' of the romantic poetry. He attend , without taking his degree, the Cambridge University. It made use of opium to cure his rheumatic pains this is the reason why his style is considered a ''satanic romanticism''.
Moreover he tries with a friend to found a ''Pantisocracy'' that is a project focues on create a society with equal opportunities and rights. As in wordsworth, Coleridge's work include the supernatural element and the nature too. But the nature for him is not a strument to discover God, beacause of his strong crhstian faith Coleridge considered nature like the presence of the ideal in the real.

The rime of the ancient Mariner

It is a ballad telling the story of a Mariner who stops wedding-guest at a part and starts telling him about his vicissitudes. Suddenly when he was sailin south an Albatros started folliwing his ship. So he killed it and broke the harmony between man and nature.
“The rime of the ancient mariner” In this poem there are supernatural elements like in the medieval ballad and their main features can be summed up : - the old mariner comes from nowhere and he has “glittering eye” which has hypnotic power, making people listen to him; he is compelled by a mysterious power to tell the story again and again; the albatross, a sacred bird in many religion and mythical traditions, is endowed with supernatural powers; - the poem is full of unearthly creatures (spirits, ghosts, souls, sea-snakes, angels) ; - the ghost-ship is driven by mysterious forces. We can also underline the presence of supernatural events and characters, but also the presence of gothic ones; Supernatural : the albatross, the ghost-ship, Life-in-Death, Death, water-snakes, slimy things, the sea. Gothic : the ancient mariner, Life-in-Death, Death, phantom ship. The rime deals with supernatural elements, but deals with a “semblance of truth”. The albatross represents the love bonded to nature, but it's also called a Christian soul, shared the food answers they halloo when the mariner kills him; killing the albatross the mariner offends some human values like hospitality and friendship, besides breaking the bond with the nature. The main themes of this ballad are: death as the conclusive process of guilt, punishment and redemption; the power of imagination and his visions; the mariner means that the only way to love God is to love all the creatures and things created by God By blessing snakes the mariner shows his love for some creatures. Everything and every creatures in this world are worthy being loved and respected because they are evident signs of God's presents, generosity and power. A man must love God by loving all the creatures made and loved by God and this is what makes, at the end, the wedding guest wiser, in fact he has learned to love and knows something that the others men ignore