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In 1660 theatres were reopened after puritan closing and, it was born a new type of theatre characterized by the Comedy of Manners, so called, for its exaggerations of the manners, modes and morals of Upper Classes. Among the most important European influences of this period, there were the French comedies of Moliere, the Italian Commedia dell’Arte and the Spanish playwright Calderon de la Barca.
Many are the differences between Renaissance dramas and Restoration plays. First of all, the audience to whom it is reported. Shakespeare’s plays in fact, were addressed to people of all social classes and education, while, during restoration, plays were generally restricted to people of fashion and refinement from the Upper classes. Besides, there weren’t the values and austerity of the Puritanism and, numerous changes were applied in a stage design. In this way the original Elizabethan theatres disappeared for new theaters with roof, sets, sophisticated ways of stage lighting and women actors.
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