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The literary production of the puritan age was influenced by the closing of theatres in 1642, which favoured the development of the other two literary genres: poetry and prose. The best representatives of the Puritan age are: John Bunyan in prose, and John Milton in poetry. Bunyan’s famous work “The pilgrim’s Progress” is considered one of the three great allegories of the world literature, with Spenser’s fiery Queen and Dante’s Divina Commedia. The Pilgrim’s Progress is the travelogue of Christian, a simple man, who wants to reach “the city of God”. Christian passes through many adventures one of which is that in the town of Vanity in which he is kept by “Vanity fair”. The first part of the book tells the religious conversion of the protagonist Christian while, in the second part there is the description of the conversion of his wife and their children. Another important work of this period, is Thomas Browne’s “The Anatomy of Melancholy”, that appears a forerunner of the 18th —century novel.

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