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We didn’t know lots about the life of Shakespeare, but many critics believe that Shakespeare was only a nick name of somebody else. He lived in Stratford and he attended the Grammar School, but he married young, so he didn’t go to university, so he wasn’t a university wit. For this reason the other playwrights of his period were jealous of him, because he get more success than them, even If they also went to university. At certain point we don’t know any news about him, and we only know that some years later he lived in London alone, but we can’t understand the reason of this moving. Maybe he left Stratford because he killed a deer in a private property, so he was considered guilt and he escaped to London. The fact that we don’t know why he moved from Stratford to London and we don’t know any news about him for many years, let some critics think that Shakespeare was really Marlowe, that changed name in order to be safe, because he was suspected of atheism and some members of the circle of intellectuals, that he attended, wanted him dead. Moreover, the year of Marlowe’s death and the year of Shakespeare’s first play are more or less the same; in fact it’s a bit strange that someone, that is not a university wit, could write such as successful plays. FirsT Shakespeare was an actor, but when all the public places were closed because of the plague, he started to write poems, and he dedicated his sonnets to his patron, the Earl of Southampton. After the plague he became one of the leaders of the theatre companies of the Chamberlain’s Men, later renamed The king’s men when James I came to the throne. In the last part of his life he went back to Stratford.
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