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John Milton

John Milton was born to a Protestant family in London. He attended school in St. Paul, where he was born humanism. He went to Italy but he immediately returned to England because he was involved in the Puritan cause. In 1649 he was named Latin secretary to Cromwell. He defended the Puritan government. His most important work is the Paradise Lost. Milton died in 1674.
PARADISE LOST describes the fall of Lucifer after his rebellion against God He was the most beautiful angel, his name in fact means to "light." Lucifer rebelled because he wanted to have the same powers and divine rights. Lucifer became the god of evil and darkness.
Important is Lucifer’s pride, he preferred to be the God of evil and not the servant of the good. Milton offered to Satan a voice almost rhetoric, as a great leader, a black hero, the hero of evil.


Satan's speech riassunto


The main of Paradise Lost are:
• The rebellion of Satan and his expulsion from Heaven;
• The rebel angels’ decision that they will take revenge on God by corrupting Man;
• Satan’s temptation of Eve who eats the fruit of the Forbidden Tree, the Tree of Knowledge;
• God’s punishment of Adam and Eve and the final promise that Christ will come and save mankind.
By describing these events, Milton wants to show that God gave Man both Reason and Freedom of Will, and that Eve and Adam’s Fall is mostly due to pride, also Satan’s sin.


In this text Satan talks with his followers. He says to them what is the situation. He reflects on God, on the new reign and the fact that he will be the new God of this reign.
(1) He says that the mind is unique and it can change things at will.
(2) Lucifer prefers to be the God of evil that a good servant.
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