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About Milton's Life

John Milton was born in 1608 in London into a well-to-do family. He studied classical subjects like Greek, Latin and Italian, too. In 1637 he began a journey around the Europe and in Italy he met Galileo in Fiesole, near Florence. When he came back to England, he knew Oliver Cromwell and in 1649 he was nominated Secretary for Foreign Languages in Cromwell’s Council of State.
Therefore in 1660 after the restoration of the monarchy (and so the restoration of Charles II), Milton was arrested as a defender of the Commonwealth, but he was soon set free! His three long poems were written during these years and especially his masterpiece Paradise Lost, was written in 1667. Milton died in London in 1674.

About his poem "Paradise Lost"

The subject of Paradise Lost are two falls, and the main characters are Adam, Eve, God and Satan (the most beautiful of the Angels…the fallen Angel). The story is divided into twelve books against Homer's twenty-four of the Iliad and Odyssey. The poem follows the epic tradition of starting in the midst of things, and the text is quite regular…”Paradise Lost” is considered a “Latin-English” poem because is full of archaisms like “Sovran” instead of “king” (Soil instead of Home, Region instead of Land and Possessor instead of Owner).
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