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Data of the Play:
Author: William Shakespeare
Title: Romeo and Juliet
Date: 1595
Genre: Tragedy

Time: 14th Century
Place: Verona (Italy)

Main Characters: Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence
Minor Characters: Capulet Family, Montague Family, Tybalt, Mercurio

Descriptions of Character:

* Romeo is a young man, a member of the Montague family Smart; He ìs in love with Juliet, he's calm and Romantic, he does everything to marry Juliet, at the end he kills himself thinking that Juliet is dead

* Juliet is a Young Girl, she's a Member of the Capulet family, in love with Romeo; she's soo sweet.
She decides to marry Romeo ecretly; at the end se kills herself when she sees Romeo dead

* Friar Lawrence is a Middle-aged Man Priest of Verona, he helpful and helps Romeo and Juliet so that they can get married hoping that the two families forget their angriness

Act 1: Introduction
The Montagues and Capulets are bitter enemies. Romeo, member of the Montague family, goes to a masked ball organized by the Capluets, to forget his past love Rosaline, where he meets Juliet. The two are straight away attracted by each other. After the ball both Romeo and Juliet understand that each have fallen in love with their enemy.

Act 2: Development
After the party Romeo hides in the orchard below Juliet’s window. Juliet appears and talks to herself about Romeo. Romeo leaps out and talks with her and they swear love to the other. Juliet says she will send her Nurse to Romeo the day after and he must tell her when and where they will marry. The next morning Romeo tells Friar Laurence about his plans and the priest agrees to help the two because he hopes that the marriage will end the dispute between the two families.

Act 3: Crisis or Turning Point
Tybalt confronts Mercutio asking if he knows where’s Romeo. Romeo soon enters and Tybalt challenges him to a duel but he refuses. Mercutio draws his sword but in the duel with Tybalt he dies. Romeo becomes so infuriated that he kills Tybalt and is then banished to Mantua. Lady Capulet enters in Juliet’s room and tells her that she will marry Paris. Juliet is of course frustrated but Capulet threatens to disown her so she agrees.

Act 4: Complications
Juliet asks the Friar to help her and he gives her a potion that will make her appear dead for 42 hours. He will send a letter to Romeo so he can be there to let her out of the tomb.

Act 5: Denouement/Resolving of all difficulties
When Romeo comes back form Mantua he believes Juliet dead so he decides to but some poison that will kill him so when Juliet awakens she sees Romeo dead lying beside her and stabs herself. The two families meet and decide to put all their rancour to part.

Love; Desire; Family Relationships; Hate

The historical and social context:

This was a period full of wars between families that wanted to dominate.

Possible connections between the play and…
Romeo and Juliet – Benjamin West (1778)
The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet – Francesco Hayez (1823);
Juliet and the Nurse - Henry Perronet Briggs (1827);
Juliet in the Cell of Friar Lawrence – Edward M Ward(1867);
"Where's Romeo?" - William Hatherell (1912)
West Side Story – Robert Wise (1961);
Romeo and Juliet– Franco Zeffirelli (1968);
William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet – Baz Luhrmann (1996);


Juliet – Bee Gees (1989);
Hey Juliet – LMNT (2002)
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