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One night, Hamlet was visited by his father’s ghost, who said him to kill the present king of Denmark, his brother Claudius because he had murdered him after seducing his wife, Gertrude. He did not know what he could do, so he arranged the performance at court of a play representing the crimes of his uncle, whose reaction betrayed his own guilt. Claudius sent him to England where he asked the English king to kill him. Meanwhile, Ophelia, after Hamlet’s refusing, drowned herself. Her brother, Laertes, wanted to revenge her and Claudius said him that the only responsible of her deed was Hamlet. So they organized a friendly fencing match at court between the two young men. But it was not friendly, because Laertes used a poisoned sword and they had prepared a cup of poisoned wine to Hamlet. But the first to die was Laertes, who, before dying, told him of the king’s treachery. Then Gertrude drank from the cup destined to Hamlet and died. Hamlet, after stabbing the king and forcing him to drink the rest of the poisoned wine, too died in the arms of his only friend, Horatio.

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